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Online Program • 1:1 Experience

For the thought leaders, changemakers, group facilitators, and creatives with a heart on fire and desire to change the world...


It's time. 


That next level of mastery is calling you, and it's asking you to step deeper into your service than ever before.


You know it,

I know it,

And now, it's time to do something about it.

Scale your service, anchor your message,

and transform thousands of lives with

your very first book!

Listen, my love.


I get it.


The idea of writing your first book might sound like "too much".
In fact, it's probably bringing up some old wounds.


You might be thinking…

Do I have a "worthy" enough story to tell?

Who am I to write a book?

Where would I even begin?

And if I did, who would actually read it?


Every time we're called to a new level, those same old fears wearing brand new faces appear to warn us away from showing up to meet our greatness.


Because (as we both know) stepping into that next level of service can feel daunting.


But your service has never been needed more than it is right NOW!

The world needs what you have to share.


We need your stories, your magic, and your unique flavor of knowing!
We need your teachings, your wisdom, and your voice!


Your words have the power to change lives.

Know this, my love.

Your stories have the power to ignite revolutions inside every heart that's been aching for more.

Sandra brings a clear and innovative structure. She has noticeable life experience, a nonjudgemental approach. She is caring and keeps you to the process. Through the writing exercise she guided me on a 180 degrees opposite perspective and that is where I found freedom from this life story.

- Robert de Liefde

Whether you’re a novice or published author, trust and dive into to Sandra’s writing workshops. Highly, highly recommended!   



-Nikol Gold

The best part was that I could re-organize my thoughts like pieces of a puzzle, polish them and pick up only the most important details of my messages and simply transform it into powerful words with her technical advice.

- Maki Kawamoto

If you have a desire to leave your mark on this world...


If you have hope to spread, healing to awaken, and transformation to usher forth...

If you know—deep in your bones—that you're on this earth for a reason...

We need YOU to share your story!

This isn't the time to let details and doubts get in your way.

This isn't the time to let the "how to" overwhelm you.

That's what I'm here for.

Before I became a best-selling author, I was filled with doubts.


I struggled to find the confidence to show up on the level I knew I was capable of.

And for a moment, I almost let that stop me from sharing my story.

Until one day, it hit me...


"why not me?"

"Why not my story?"

Because here's the truth: those parts of your journey that you think are "nothing" or "not worth mentioning"?  They have VALUE.


Not only that, but they have a PURPOSE, just like you.


Think about words you've read that changed everything in your life.
Words the author may never have written if they had let doubt get in their way.


It's your duty in this very crucial time to let your desire for transformation, for revolution, for hope, outweigh any doubts in your mind.

Because stories are not just for the writers and academics.


They're for the rebels, the brave hearts, the changemakers, and the dreamers who uphold visions of greater things.


Stories are for the messengers.

And if you're reading this now, right now, then we both know that includes you.

So, it's time you write your story, my love.

It's time you uncover its wisdom and share it with those who need it most.

The Writer's Muse Programs


The eBook Writing Series

This 4-week online series will guide you in identifying your audience, clarifying your message and write a powerful e-book that appeals to your dream client.

Establish your authority on the topic in your industry and attract qualified leads through your online business.

  • Identifying your audience

  • Clarifying your message

  • Write a powerful e-book

The 1:1 Book Writing Master Program

This is a 12-Week 1:1 intensive immersion with a Best-Selling Author, designed to take you from idea to book in only 90 days.

We start right at the very beginning, where I'll help you unearth the story inside you that needs to be told.


You'll receive instructional sessions, expert reviews, and a wealth of supportive materials all to help you create your most captivating content.


You'll finally write your book (instead of just hoping to one day reach author status), and all within a timeframe that will truly surprise you!


Book Building Sessions

Workbooks & Writing Tools

Professional Graphic Design

Full Copy Edits

Between-Session Support

Which Program is Right for You?


Hi, I'm Sandra Rodriguez Bicknell

I am a Best-Selling Author and writing coach. I wrote my memoir, Cuts of A Diamond, where I talk about my perspective on love, human nature.

Since then, my life has never been the same.

I now lead my treasured writing programs and provide specialized writing support specifically to change-makers, new thought leaders, healers & facilitators who want to anchor their message and scale their service through writing their first book in only 90 days.


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